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Most people that currently rent their home or apartment believe it is very difficult to buy a home.  They fear their income is too low or perhaps their credit may not be perfect.  Interestingly enough, the opposite is actually more accurate!  

Did you know that the American Economy is based on home ownership?  The State and Federal governments strongly encourage people to purchase their "First Home". They do this by making loans available that require no down payments and guarantee low interest rates.  These two features are what enables many "renters" to become first-time home owners.  These programs are designed to make your house payments more affordable and home-ownership a reality. 

Why continue to make someone else's mortgage payment?  Why, when for the same price you pay for rent, you can be a homeowner!  Earning equity in your own home is a terrific way to improve your financial independence and put down roots in a community.

There are a variety of these programs available.  Based on your specific needs, we will decide what program is best for you and your family.